The Gabana

Since 1966 we have worked from the heart to make tailor made environments putting together tradition ad innovation interfacing with all the different designers to make every project unique, elegant and recognisable.


25 march 1966
Purchase plot of land
13 january 1967
Building of the house and shop with laboratory
12 january 1972
Purchase of another plot of land
13 april 1976
Purchase of another plot of land
30 april 1976
Once Adelmo joined, the company name changed from Gabana Aurelio to Gabana Arredamenti S.n.c. of Gabana Aurelio and Adelmo
13 july 1976
Renew and integrate production machinery
22 august 1978
Construction of the first section of a new shed to be used for processing furniture
06 january 1979
Construction of new timber storage
23 october 1980
Shed extension
09 july 1985
Construction of paint department
Joining of Marco and Lorena, second generation
18 january 1994
Renew production machinery plus addition of numerical control machines
05 october 1994
Expansion of paint department and warehouse
20 march 1989
Purchase of two warehouses in Via Marconi
18 july 1988
Purchase of a plot of land near the warehouses
26 august 1989
Construction of a residential and commercial building in Via Marconi
Joining of Claudio, second generation
09 july 2002
Purchase of warehouse next to the other in Via Marconi
Joining of Daniele, second generation
28 december 2007
Conversion from general partnership to limited liability company
28 june 2013
Construction of a residential building
Joining of Andrea, third generation